About Us

About Us – WHO ARE WE?

WINESTONE LAVAL – Your Trusted Strategic Partner for Customized Mortgages, Insurance and Advisory Solutions.

Our vision is to be the best financial advisors to Canadians and the credit unions to which they belong as members – Financial Services Reimagined!

Our mission is to deploy action oriented programs to achieve the plans of our strategic alliances and clients.


Our values are professionalism, ethics and gratitude.

We offer MORTGAGES, INSURANCE and ADVISORY SOLUTIONS to consumers and businesses in such a way that the relationships we build enhance the lives we touch.  We believe that it is important to review each situation for its own uniqueness, offer the best possible advice and empower people to make the right choices.  We dream that facilitating optimum programs to meet their unique circumstances actually makes people’s lives better and happier.  Our core belief is that good things happen when people are happier with their financial situation.  We imagine creating lasting client well-being and loyalty.

We also get to work with some of the most talented and committed people in the financial services business.  Together, we bring professionalism, ethics and gratitude to customized financial advice for all Canadians.  This is why we get up in the morning wanting to truly make a difference!


WINESTONE LAVAL – Customized Financial Solutions for all Canadians!

Our Commitment to You


  1. Protect the credit unions and FIs we partner with in Lending and Insurance Programs.
  2. Ensure that Canadians have a viable alternative to traditional financing, when and if wanted.
  3. Grow the wealth of Canadians through real estate by providing the right customized mortgage and insurance advice.
  4. Focus on businesses, their owners and employees, to ensure they continue to have access to Mortgages, Insurance and Advisory Solutions.
  5. Reimagine Financial Services so the relationships we manage are based on trust, have real meaning and lead to happier people in a purposeful environment. Good things tend to happen when happiness is your purpose!
  6. Operate ethically within the regulatory framework and exude excellence throughout our businesses, relationships, alliances and clients interfaces.