We want to offer you a free financial review to optimize your mortgage savings!

We want to offer you a free financial review to optimize your mortgage savings!
 The WINESTONE LAVAL team wants to extend an offer to review your finances with you at no charge to ensure your plan is optimized and you are saving as much money as possible!

Did you know that our average client who undergoes a free review with us saves $500-$800/month on their mortgage payment? It’s no surprise that it’s a popular offer when we can save our clients that much money! To request your free review, please reply to this email, call us anytime at 416-939-2988, or visit our review request page on our new website to select a convenient time for us to call you back.

As you have previously experienced during your interactions with WINESTONE LAVAL, we are all about relationships, and doing what is best for hard-working Canadians when it comes to their mortgage and all financial matters.

We want YOU to feel confident with your mortgage strategy!

For this reason, we are reaching out to you today to also ask if you would share your experience with others that you care about. If you had a positive experience with us – please help us assist other Canadians by recommending WINESTONE LAVAL to your friends, family, and colleagues. We want to help as many Canadians as possible and our valued clients are the most important piece of the puzzle in making this happen!

Special Announcement – Our enhanced new website is live!

Do you want to learn more about WINESTONE LAVAL or share what our team can do?  We want to positively impact the lives of as many Canadians as we possibly can, and we have re-developed our website to showcase just that.  Visit us at www.winestonelaval.com or contact us at michel.laval@winestonelaval.com or 1-416-939-2988.

Our business is built on trust and customized solutions for people just like you. Thank you once again!

What our clients have to say:
Self-Employed? No problem!’

“Before talking to Michel Laval at WINESTONE LAVAL I was lost when it came to mortgage options. I am self-employed and had been turned down by numerous Banks and Trust Companies because of the way I claim income. I was pleasantly surprised when I spoke with Michel! He assured me that WINESTONE LAVAL works with business owners and self-employed individuals all the time and that they would find something that would work for me and my family.  Fast forward a few weeks later and we were fully qualified and closing our mortgage!  We are over the moon! Thank you Michel and WINESTONE LAVAL

– J. Becker, Financial Planner in Toronto

‘Debt Problems? What Debt Problems?’

“In 2015, I was in over my head with high-interest credit card debt and I wasn’t sure where to turn.  I owned my own home, but the monthly debt payments were crippling my finances.  After speaking with my accountant, she referred me to WINESTONE LAVAL and I connected with Michel.  Michel explained that the process of consolidating debt in to my current mortgage might be easier than I think, and within a few email exchanges I had all of my documents ready for him to review. Michel was able to take all of my debt and put it in to my mortgage saving me an overwhelming amount of money each month. My cash flow has improved so much that I am on my way now to purchasing my first investment property! I would recommend Michel and the WINESTONE LAVAL team to anyone who needs help with their mortgage financing.  My accountant is very pleased!”

-B. Gretta, Richmond Hill

What next?

We want to stay connected with you. 
Please reply to this email to schedule your free review or start your next discussion with the WINESTONE LAVAL Team – we look forward to hearing from you!

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