WINESTONE LAVAL Mortgages and Advisory Services: The Importance of Financial Planning, Savings and a Special Rate For You!

WINESTONE LAVAL Mortgages, and Advisory Services: The Importance of Financial Planning, Savings and a Special Rate For You!
Today we would like to share with you, our clients, some important information about why it is so important to plan ahead, save, build wealth and prudently invest in term deposits.  These steps are all important for your overall financial well-being.

Saving for the unexpected is always a good idea.  And, when you plan ahead, you have peace of mind!

A GIC, or ‘Guaranteed Investment Certificates’ (GICs), and Term Deposits are a safe way to save money because your initial investment (principal) is protected. And, depending on the type of GIC you choose, you may earn a guaranteed rate of return for the term of your investment. GICs are a great saving vehicle for almost all Canadians because they generally offer a higher rate of return than your typical savings account, and they are a safe investment choice because of the protected principal amount.

Some of the attractive features of investing with GICs:

  • Plan for the future! Use GICs to invest for retirement or other family related items.
  • Many term deposits allow you to access funds prior to maturity (check this with your term deposit provider).
  • Flexible term options (many different term options are generally available).
  • Interest payment options (again, your provider will have different options available to you for this).
  • Automatic renewal (you may be able to subscribe to automatic renewals).

For more information about Term Deposits and Guaranteed Investment Certificates, and rights and responsibilities, you can visit the Government of Canada website here:

Term Deposits are an excellent compliment to a well-established investment portfolio or for someone just starting out. They provide a return for your family and can be a great backbone for your investment strategy! Whether you have saved money in a regular savings account and/or are unsure of what to do with it, or whether you have some money left from a refinance, a GIC just might be the best solution to invest!

From time to time, our strategic alliances offer information for us to share with our network.  This month, we have a special GIC rate for you from one of our trusted partners, Luminus Financial. They are offering our clients, friends and family, a special 2.60% rate! For details, please connect with us (Cindy Milligan at 416-366-5534 ext. 245) at your earliest convenience.

Did you know that 47% of Canadian mortgages are up for renewal this year?
Now is the perfect time to connect with us (Michel Laval at 416-939-2988) to discuss your renewal options. Before automatically signing a renewal letter that comes your way, reach out to us for trusted advice! We will be able to save you more money on your renewal!
We can be reached by replying to this email, by emailing… or you can call us at 416-939-2988.


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