WINESTONE LAVAL Mortgages and Advisory Services: Leading Refinance & Equity-take-out Platform.

WINESTONE LAVAL Mortgages and Advisory Services: Leading Refinance & Equity-take-out Platform.
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WINESTONE LAVAL continues to be committed to providing you, our client, with a state-of-the art advisory platform as well as effective people, niche products, and services so we can help you along your financial journey.  We take the trust you put in us seriously!

With interest rates generally on the rise and market conditions quickly changing, we have seen an influx of requests for refinancing current mortgages from our clients.

The reasons for refinancing vary from client to client, but the most common reasons our clients are refinancing are:

  1. Paying out unsecured (high-interest) debt (credit cards and loans)
  2. Settling income tax bills
  3. Purchasing secondary homes (rental and investment properties), and Equity-take-out opportunities (taking advantage of the equity in your home – renovations, investments etc!)

With our Advisory Based Platform, we are pleased to provide you, our client, with an expert opinion or even a second opinion. There is a vast array of choices that you have at your disposal, and it is our job to show them to you and consult you on the best choice to improve your financial situation. Providing you options, especially in a time of market uncertainty, is a pillar of our customer service promise.
All you need to do is ask us!

Our team is tasked with positively engaging you and other people within your network with professional, ethical, and just-in-time advice so that WINESTONE LAVAL better serves you and the people you know.  We want to make a positive impact!

If we do our job, we will have the opportunity to help more and more people who require mortgage financing.

We at WINESTONE LAVAL are committed to doing everything in our power to help you live your passion and we wish to assist you and your network in obtaining proper Mortgage Solutions now and in the future. We want to be with you every step of the way!

We wanted to take this opportunity to share a couple of Success Storieswhere we added value through our Mortgage Programs.

Success Stories

#1 – Residential Mortgage Financing Solutions

  • $2,500,000 property outside of Toronto requiring 80% LTV with no sliding scale (owner-occupied principal matrimonial residence)
  • One of the borrowers on retirement pension based on annuity and the second self-employed with impacted credit due to a separation
  • Qualifying income was Business For Self requiring Financial Statements analysis and commissions/dividends income calculations
  • Large Equity-Take-Out required for investments
  • Paid mortgage of $1,200,000 and borrowers left with $800,000
  • $50,000 invested in long overdue insurance program
#2 – Commercial Real Estate Financing

  • $20,000,000 Land Purchase Transaction in Oakville requiring 75% LTV plus our Advisory Based Platform to conduct a review of current and proposed zoning, develop concept plans and prepare/attend meeting with local municipality
  • Cross-guarantees from borrowers/legal entities below average
  • Qualifying cash-flow requiring Expert Advice, Financial Statements analysis and commissions income calculations
  • Development and Planning Package delivered and project started
Our areas of specialization are helping clients with:  (1) purchase and refinance ofhigh-end residential homes in prime areas for business owners and self-employed individuals, (2) debt consolidation under $1,000,000 to increase overall financial position, (3) construction financing, and (4) commercial real estate financing for business owners.
Please reach out to us to review your
next Mortgage  opportunity.We at WINESTONE LAVAL look forward to continuing to work with you.
Thank you for the opportunity and your trust.
Michel Laval
President & Managing DirectorWINESTONE LAVAL – 416-939-2988   or

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